#6 Reflecting on My Time as an Interim Foundation Doctor

A Strange Start: When I envisioned the start of my career in medicine, I did not think that it would play out amidst a global pandemic. In February, we were told by our medical school that it would not be possible for our last few months of placement to go ahead. Fast-forward a few monthsContinue reading “#6 Reflecting on My Time as an Interim Foundation Doctor”

#2 The Disaster Cycle

Welcome back! As mentioned in my previous post, this blog will be introducing a snippet of disaster theory, and placing it in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, we will be talking about models – no, I do not mean the ones on Instagram. Models of disaster management. Modelling Disasters: WhatContinue reading “#2 The Disaster Cycle”

#1 A bit of disaster theory.

With the COVID-19 pandemic unfolding before our eyes, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit of what I have learned from studying medicine and disasters. I don’t promise to be an expert (MASSIVE understatement), but it might just help you pass the time in self-isolation or give you a chuckle. SoContinue reading “#1 A bit of disaster theory.”